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A few people who die fail to make the transition to the spirit world. They remain earthbound because of a mental or physical attachment to their life or home or place, or because in the case of sudden death, they are not aware that they have died. The reasons for this include traumatic death such as in wars, unfinishes business or concern for loved ones left behind.

Most of these earthbound spirits are lost and confused but are rarely malicious. They may be attached to a house or place with which they were associated in life and can cause a haunting there. In some cases an earthbound spirit may attach to a living person. Some of the symptoms of an attachment can manifest in uncharacteristic behaviour, mood changes, addictive behaviour, relationship difficulties and hearing voices in the head. There can be bodily pain, visual disturbances and other physical symptoms. More often than not the host is barely affected and unaware of having an attachment, while others, but rarely, have been taken over in both mind and body completely.

The therapeutic intervention of Spirit Releasement therapy involves freeing these spirit attachments. This is done in a gentle and compassionate way by contacting the spirits and speaking to them. Mostly they are more than ready to leave, while a few are frightened to go and need extra help to send them on their way to the light with the help of the Angelic Realm. This is very compassionate work sending these lost souls on to their rightful place in the spirit world.

The person who has been affected by the attachment is offered further therapeutic help and healing. Occasionally there can be a feeling of being irritable or grief after the session especially if the attachment has been there a long time. The issue of psychic protection is addressed to safeguard that person from any further intrusion.

Spirit releasment differs from classic exorcism, which forcibly banishes the attached spirit as an evil being. Spirit release takes a more compassionate approach, seeing the intruder as a being in need of help and understanding. Although spirit release is not part of any religious doctrine, it does invoke the help of higher spiritual beings.

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