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Deep Memory Process (DMP for short) is a creative combination of active imagination, hypnotic regression and playing out a role from the deep recesses of the mind of residual psychic scars from adult or childhood sexual abuse, all kinds of domestic and urban violence, post-traumatic reactions to war, torture and devastating loss and many other deep scars from mental, emotional and bodily wounds. All of these things can leave a residual scar on the mind and in the body, which could have been from previous lives. It is not necessary to believe in past lives for the therapy to be effective. This therapy was developed by Dr Roger Woolger, Ph.D from many years of intensive practice of Jung, Reich and various shamanic and spiritual traditions.

In a safe and caring environment you will be helped, if appropriate, to recognise the core issues or complexes currently affecting your life. You will journey in time to resolve the issues and vividly relive and resolve emotional conflicts through a healing psychodrama. You will develop somatic awareness of deep memories to release them from your body, to let go of old unwanted ancestral patterns and influences, integrate wounded soul fragments (“past lives”), clear your energy field of negative influences and to open up with love to higher spiritual resources within yourself. In the spirit or bardo state deep healing will take place to cleanse the wounds that are troubling you in the present time, and which are still residual in the mind and body.

A typical DMP session lasts two hours; this includes fully adequate time for integration and processing. Usually a series of sessions is recommended but occasionally radical changes can take place in only one or two sessions. DMP can be used as an exclusive therapy for specific complaints and it also works in conjunction with other ongoing therapies.

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