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This new angelic healing is overseen by the Archangel Metatron, and it is changing lives at a depth that most of us hadn’t believed possible.

It removes ancient traumas, destructive emotions, limiting beliefs, from deep within the cellular memory, which means right inside the body. It digs issues out by the roots in a very gentle way. This is a new therapy for our present times and the first instruction that came when the system was received was...

“To remove the story from the body”.

This does not mean wiping out our personal history and all that is precious within us: it means removing the pain and trauma and all the aspects of our personal stories that has held us back from fulfilment, good health, wealth, creativity and success.

Jean has absolute faith in what she does. There is no question that healing will not occur. This is because she helps the individual connect to their own process and work with them towards self healing.

Nicholas Abel

How Can Metatroinic Healing Help You?

Every human being is a subtle mix of soul, body, mind and spirit, each part affecting the other. Metatronic Healing is an energetic and spiritual practice that acts deeply on all these interrelated parts of the mix, and it also goes beyond what we generally think of as a healing system.

We hold pain and old grievances, mostly in the subconscious, which have arisen from childhood conditioning. This gives rise to fear, hurt, anger, resentment, regret, guilt, lack of belief in ourselves, insecurity and angst to name but a few.

Not seeing ourselves clearly, we project our problems on others, so that we push one another’s buttons and can’t see what is going on. We also absorb the pains and difficulties of our parents, partners, and closest friends; those around us now, those no longer present, even our distant ancestors.

At different times we find ourselves acting these out.

What Are The Benefits Of Matatronic Healing

Most of what we think and do is lodged below our conscious minds. Painful events are highly charged and they lodge themselves in the cells of our bodies until we locate and dissolve them.

If the roots of the painful stories are not removed, we live in a self-repeating cycle; our experiences constantly reinforces the beliefs hidden in the body, which have already sabotaged what our conscious mind wants and needs; we can find the troublesome spot, unhook them, and plug into our authentic power.

This is the beginning of Metatronic Healing.

Metatronic Healing® has given us a method of release, that goes deeper than anything we’ve previously experienced, and the evidence to date is that it is permanent.

The Metatronic Healing ® practitioner is shown the ancient blocks, those places in the body where the core issues of our lives are lodged, usually way beneath our awareness.

These divine energy strands, the Metatronic Healing “team” of finely-tuned energies, gently penetrate to the roots of these blocks and transmute them to what is creative and useful, making space for the client to receive the new life force that is also contained within these rays.

They then work deeply within the body and the psyche to bring about rebalancing and strengthening.

Do You Want Find Your True Power & Be Free From Restraints?

Metatronic Healing can help you overcome ancient traumas, destructive emotions and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

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