Biophoton Hypnosis; A Unique And Remarkable New Treatment

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We Experience The World Through Our Five Senses.

I have developed this therapy, over many years, which helps clients to release their old destructive issues, gently, quickly and permanently. Biophoton Hypnosis differs from standard hypnosis as it addresses the mind/body relationship.

The physiology of our emotions is as follows. That sensual experience turns into an emotion of one kind or another, even if it’s a trivial one such as going to a shop to buy some milk.

The emotion is taken in by a part of the brain called the Hypothalamus which is part of the Limbic system. The hypothalamus then sends signals to the Pituitary gland which then sends out emotional chemicals, generically called neuropeptides, to every single cell in the body.

She was very professional and explained everything and put me at ease during our sessions we worked through so many things that I didn't realise even still bothered Me!! I am now in a much better place and am coming off my anti depressants and feeling confident about it.
Vicky Gibbs

How Does Biophoton Hypnosis work?

Under normal circumstances, these neuropeptides go into the cells then go out again and are excreted in the normal way. When you have a traumatic, painful or a prolonged negative experience, those neuropeptides get stuck in the cells and then become part of the cellular memory.

The negative experience from then on is held in the body and can then cause many emotional issues which can greatly affect our mental/emotional and even physical life to great detriment to our well-being.

Those old emotions can then be triggered by experiences in the now. We are in effect carrying our old negative emotions in our bodies which instead of getting better over the years, in fact, get worse.

How Can Biophoton Hypnosis Help You?

Biophoton Hypnosis addresses these old cellular neuropeptides and allows them to be released from the body, after which you no longer feel the old negative emotion.

It is a very gentle, quick and permanent treatment. So effective is this therapy that many people cannot remember having the old emotion in the first place.

Do You Want To Move On From Negative Emotions?

Biophoton Hypnosis is a remarkable new treatment that is both gentle and powerful. There are no invasive procedures or side effects and the results can be outstanding.

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