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Your body is a walking, talking miracle and has all that is necessary within it to heal itself. There is no disease or mental/emotional state known or unknown to man, that it cannot cure. There is no such thing as perfect health, as the day to day business of living throws us constantly in and out of balance. However given the right conditions, the body will automatically make the necessary adjustments.

So how do we set about achieving this Utopian state? We are holistic beings, that is, we operate on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane, and when all of these are addressed and brought into balance and harmony, this miracle can indeed take place. Unless all four of these parts of us are taken into consideration this cannot happen.

Even if we can only take the first step and go some of the way down this road, we have made a tremendous leap forward to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. As it is said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and that first step is the intent that this is what YOU want to happen. Without this the journey cannot begin.

In the physical, your body is a highly complex system of chemical reactions, which rely on the right nutrients being taken into the body with wholesome food, and because of the poor soil conditions today, food supplements. These same chemicals are also affected by our Thoughts, Emotions, Attitudes and Stresses (TEAS). Negative TEAS produce negative chemicals; positive TEAS produce positive chemicals. If your biochemistry becomes out of balance all the systems in your body come under strain and the result can be illness and disease.

Your body is a barometer of what is happening at an inner level.

Equally, if you neglect the spiritual side of your life (such as, the need for love, rest, peace, recreation, enjoyment, kindness, acknowledgement of your self; recognition that life is not just about materialistic values) the physical, mental and emotional parts of you are adversely affected.

The therapies that I practice help to bring balance to your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and stresses. They help you recognize your needs and wants, and how to achieve this, as well as alleviating your symptoms. Together, we will search for the underlying causes of your dis-ease and discomfort.

Every treatment is tailored for each client according to his or her needs. I combine my various skills, depending on what is required, to bring you back to a state of balance and positive wellness.