Over 20 years experience
Approved registered NHS hypnotherapist 





I have developed this therapy, over many years, which helps clients to release their old destructive issues, gently, quickly and permanently. The body carries myriads of minute dots of light. Scientists can now measure this light, and interestingly have discovered that where the body is diseased, such as heart disease or cancer etc, the body has no light in that part of the body. This light is the body's own inner healer and could, if allowed, heal any disease or mental and emotional issues. However because of our limiting mind sets, we stop this from happening.

Under hypnosis, you become aware of your inner light and watch the healing take place and after the session you find it almost impossible to access the former destructive emotion that had been blocking you from being your true authentic self. I use this therapy for anxiety, fears, phobias, anger, guilt, shame, abuse and any other destructive, negative or limiting emotion.